Residential House

Concept, building design, interior design.

Size_150 m2
Location_Rome, IT
Key Points_From the client
Sunlight_The house features 11 big windows, allowing the sun to enter at any time of the day. The biggest ones are placed one in front of another for both floors, on the short sides, promoting natural air circulation and allowing the sun to penetrate deep in the house. To protect the house from summer’s peak heat, the windows are slightly moved towards the center, so that the roof juts out. The office gets most of the sunlight in the morning, which promotes productivity. The living room receives sunlight in the afternoon, while in the bedroom/open space face the sun at any hour. Sharing_The first floor’s interior is designed to promote sharing and conviviality, including when the user is cooking. Self love_The first floor’s interior hosts a small gym and reading room, a spacious bathroom and shower, and a private outdoor space. Coziness_Furnitures, materials, colors, textures have been specifically chosen to convey a sense of warmth and welcome. Creativity_Stimulating creativity through spaces and design, the house features an office and an outdoor artist’s studio/gym. Outdoor time_Glass doors that connects to the outside are accessible from any space. A big roofed balcony allows one to enjoy some outdoor time even in bad weather conditions. Functionality_Smart home features and latest heating technologies are powered by photovoltaic and solar panels.
In collaboration with architects Melanie Soon (www.melaniesoon.com) and Davide Avantini
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